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Finally, a Believable Villain

Movies and TV do preach, and much of the implicit sermon is part of the cultural rot of the times. Therefore, when a television program that actually pins the materialist, Social Darwinist viewpoint on an obvious villain it is startling. Our colleague, Wesley J. Smith writes in his column "Human Exceptionalism" of one program--Murder in the First on TNT-- with a villain who is rotten to his philosophical core. Wesley is almost more surprised than gratified.

Explaining his ruthless murders, a character says, "You know that there are 7 billion people walking around on this planet and we're growing exponentially year by year. Humanity is on the vertical part of the S-curve. It is completely unsustainable...We're going to have to cull the herd, pick the winners. People are going to have to die for the rest of us to survive. I'm just getting a head start."

I wonder how many other professional killers think just that way.

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