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Bitcoin Issue is Golden

Pic of Eric.jpgEric Garcia, Discovery Institute COO, has shown again that his job description properly should include "idea goad". In the case of our esteemed Sr. Fellow George Gilder, it was Eric who pushed him three years ago to agree to a re-issue of Wealth and Poverty (after 30 years). When George proceeded with his "update" the result was not just a reissue of Wealth and Poverty, but also the inspiration for a whole new book--and economic theory--Knowledge and Power.

In a spirited office conversation some months ago, Eric tried to persuade an initially skeptical George about the significance of Bitcoin. George was preparing a book on gold. But how, Eric demanded, will you avoid the obvious contemporary questions about Bitcoin? George came around, and now is finishing a new book that is not mainly about gold, but rather about Bitcoin. Indeed, he's an enthusiastic expert.

Photo of George Gilder.jpgGeorge demonstrates his expertise in an interview for Reason TV that he gave last month at Freedomfest, the libertarian gab-gathering held annually in Las Vegas. The interview already is gaining wide attention....as will the book to come.

"[Bitcoin] is the perfect libertarian solution to the money enigma," George tells ReasonTV's Nick Gillespie. You can decide for yourself whether he is right--once more.

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