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Defense and Economics Are Meeting

Cutting the defense budget still further as the Obama Administration proposes is looking more and more like historic folly. In some respects, this is absolutely the worst time to be signaling a U.S. conviction that the world has become safer and more friendly to American economic interests.

Robert J. Samuelson is an economist who is making the economics-defense connection. Eventually, U.S. businesses are going to wake up to the danger of defense cuts, too.

The reverse is also true; namely, economics is another strength in defense and needs to be employed that way. In Ukraine right now the U.S. should pursuing Eastern European energy development--and Western European return to nuclear power--as a way to prevent Russian intimidation. America itself needs to announce plans to ship its own liquid natural gas to Ukraine and anyone else who wants an alternative to Russian natural gas.

Liberals at the Washington Post have begun to awaken to the growing international danger: "(W)hat if Mr. Obama is wrong, and the United States is forced into a large land operation -- in Syria, Iran, Korea or maybe Eastern Europe? The chances might be small; but if the worst occurs, the United States will not be ready."

The long time liberal Post is not exactly issuing a clarion call, but at least it is raising the threat of defense weakness.

Other liberals need to join in supporting a "reset"--this time a reset of American determination to do all we can to support freedom and to resist oppression, using both economics and the American defense budget to underscore our determination for a change.

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