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Stop Targeting Political Beliefs by IRS

By a vote of 243 to 176 the U.S. House passed tonight a bill to stop the planned added IRS rules and intimidating investigations of charitable groups. Called the "Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act of 2014", with lead sponsorship of Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), it attracted the backing of all Republicans and 14 Democrats.

The IRS seems to be in an appalling process of politicization that ultimately threatens free speech by all sides. Tax prosecution is the weapon of choice for authoritarian regimes--from Russia to Venezuela. It must not happen further in the U.S.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is taking up the issue tomorrow. It would be good to see some bipartisan statesmanship of the kind that Patrick Moynihan, Bill Bradley or Scoop Jackson would have displayed at times like this in the past.

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