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Venezuela Health Care--Preview of US

There is a trajectory for US health care and it ends at something like Venezuela. You want lots of free services? You want the government to be responsible for individual decisions? Well, welcome to the people's paradise of Venezuela.

Says the AP,

The relevance to the United States is that the Chavistas, like the Obama Administration, seem to think you can provide high quality health care just by ordering that it be done. Real life economics is not like that.

"The private system has just 8,000 of the country's more than 50,000 hospital beds but treats 53 percent of the country's patients, including the 10 million public employees with health insurance. ...(I)nsurers, many state-owned, are four to six months behind in payments and it is nearly impossible to meet payrolls and pay suppliers.

"Worse, government price caps set in July for common procedures are impossible to meet, Rosales said. For example, dialysis treatment was set at 200 bolivars ($30 at the official exchange rate and less than $4 on the black market) for a procedure that costs 5,000 bolivars to administer.

"'The health care crisis is an economic crisis. It is not a medical crisis,' said Dr. Jose Luis Lopez, who oversees labs at the Municipal Blood Bank of Caracas."

Health care actually is going backwards in oil rich, but socialist, Venezuela. It will go backwards in the US to the extent we become more socialist.

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