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Coming Revelations on Obamacare

Good liberal though you are, you have learned that the wonderful website didn't work. You know, presumably, that the promise that "if you like your plan you can keep it" has been broken--unless you choose to believe that the President not only "misspoke" (in the euphemism of the New York Times) but also was sabotaged by "bad apple insurers". You may now acknowledge that millions of individuals will pay more for medical insurance, but perhaps you console yourself with the comfort that those who pay more will help subsidize those who will pay less. The redistribution is crude, you surmise, but there it is.

If you are a good progressive you also probably chalk up the claim that the average family will save $2500 a year to campaign rhetoric. That's not going to happen, but you don't care. Ho, ho, ho.

What you perhaps have not yet acknowledged--because the media have not done so--is that we have some more devastating icebergs looming straight ahead of the SS Titanic/Obamacare.

Looming ahead, is the termination of the Obama Administration's grant of a year's delay for big businesses to conform to Obamacare and its generous offer of new freebies for the insured. The year runs out in thirteen months. Beforehand there are likely to be notices of large increases in premiums by corporate insurers. Suddenly, the Obamacare problem that is abstract for most people (since most people are not in the individual market) is going to become real. People employed in large enterprises not only are going to pay for health insurance, but for health care (the day-to-day stuff people used to pay for themselves), and not only for health care for themselves and their families, but also for other families that have not taken even the most minimal steps to look after themselves.

Then come the unions. From Obama they got "waivers" from the law. That is because some powerful unions have "Cadillac plans" that other people lack. If they have to PAY for those plans, who knows what the tab will be? But, at some point, they are going to have to pay. And when that bill comes due, watch out.

Health care is a complex weave of personal desire, intent and interest. What Obama has tried to do is force it all into a "one size fits all" form. Just wait til flesh and blood people have to deal with this latest leftist abstraction.

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