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While We're Not Looking: Iran

American news understandably is fascinated by the unfolding failures of Obamacare--the defective exchange website, the cancelled policies, the growing budget drain. But in the history of our time, the foreign policy of Obama may exceed Obamacare as a disaster. Right at the top of concern now should be the Iranians' proximity to a nuclear bomb.

The International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna (where I once served as a U.S. ambassador) is holding talks again with the Iranians. But are the talks just a screen as the Iranians complete construction of a bomb? One former IAEA officlal thinks they are virtually ready now. Reports Jonathan Tobin in Commentary, "Olli Heinonen, a former deputy director of the IAEA, said that Iran has, 'in a certain way,' already reached the point of no return in its nuclear program. Heinonen confirmed the report released last week by the Institute for Science and International Security that said Iran could enrich enough weapons-grade uranium for a single bomb in about a month."

A month.

The US really does not stand in their way. Sanctions alone have not worked and the Obama Administration has no stomach for military confrontation. Everybody knows it, including the Iranians.

Says Discovery senior Fellow John Wohlstetter (author, Sleepwalking With the Bomb, Discovery Institute Press),


1. Only Israel can stop Iran.

2. Israel can do better than most people think--if they move there will be surprises in what they do.

3. Bibi's big problem: getting consensus in his own cabinet."

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