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Weeds that Are Choking the Recovery

The housing crisis has not been solved. The same kind of thinking that led to the collapse in 2008 proceeds, inasmuch as public understanding of the Great Recession remains clouded by media misinformation and neglect and public policies remain unreformed.

There was a crony capitalism payoff to the recession that was not covered at the time and mainly is coming to light through Discovery Fellow Jay Richards' new book, Infiltrated. His article in today's Washington Times covers some striking highlights. The most genuine scandal of the Great Recession is the one that the mainstream media have ignored.

Meanwhile, another Discovery Fellow in our Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality, Scott Powell, has
an article in Investor's Business Daily that hits some of the same points--plus calling attention to the new financial bubble set up by government: student loans.

How many young people realize that raising loan promises from the government has helped push up the tuition and other costs at universities that are causing the problem in the first place?

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