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Russia Resets the Middle East

by John Wohlstetter (Discovery Sr. Fellow)
(from today's Daily Caller)

"Nation-building in Iraq fell apart upon Obama's exit, when U.S. persistence had finally forged a fragile stability. Syria festered. Iran made steady progress toward joining the nuclear club, despite sabotage by America and Israel. In 2011 the Arab Spring unleashed a series of revolutions about which the U.S. could do little, upending pro-U.S. Egyptian rule in Egypt. Only the military's countercoup tossed the Islamists out of power -- as President Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood. What little Team Obama did elsewhere also helped the Islamists. Libya, after deposing the tyrannical Muammar Gaddafi, descended into Hobbesian anarchy, which led to the debacle at the American consulate in Benghazi. President Obama's failure to impose Draconian sanctions to help the Iranian Green Movement's 2009 revolution overthrow Tehran's mullahs threw away a rare opportunity to shape tectonic events. And constant Obama administration pressure against top ally Israel weakened alliance relations and encouraged Palestinian intransigence.

"And now, this week, President Obama fumbled again...."

Read the full analysis. Most Americans probably are not paying attention, but the U.S. position in the world is getting weaker.

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