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Don't Want the Twins? How About a "Reduction"?

For "Things Are Going to Hell in a Hand Basket" file: the crass calculation of a contemporary couple that is unhappy they are having twins. Maybe, it is suggested, they might have a "reduction". Such a choice: which twin doesn't make the cut? Won't it be fun to explain it someday to the surviver?

Slate describes the unhappy plight of the parents who only wanted one more child: The anonymous couple 'considered a reduction for about 30 seconds,' Dad says, but ultimately decided the procedure was too 'Machiavellian' to undertake without reason. Still, they privately hoped that doctors would locate some socially acceptable justification for them to undergo a reduction, like genetic anomalies in the twins. Sadly, 'none came'."

I don't feel sorry for the parents. I feel sorry for their kids.

Meanwhile, add "reduction" to the Lexicon of Modern Euphemisms.

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