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New "Never Mind" On Science Consensus

Whether the subject is evolution or climate change, there is an iron-clad, non-violable "scientific consensus". Don't dare question it, even if you are a scientist.

But then, from time to time, the scientific consensus just quietly evaporates. Perhaps that is because in some cases the monied and left-wing lobbies (National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health) are not engaged.

So, it turns out that salt is not bad for your health. All that scolding from "scientists"?

"Never mind."

With climate change or evolution you get ideology. Not so much with salt.

P.S. It also seems that Omega 3 fish oil that has been prescribed for all men to help prevent heart disease may raise the risk of prostate cancer. So, your heart benefits to the detriment of your prostate. To reverse the old saying, "What makes you stronger will kill you."

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