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Dawkins Joins Ziegfeld Follies & The Beatles

Richard Dawkins, you are too cool for school! Imagine appearing in Cannes in an Aloha shirt; people don't expect that from Oxfordshire!


See it right here on our stage: the world's most famous evolutionary biologist discovers the overhead shots of old Busby Berkeley and Ziegfeld Follies movies, bringing them forward a whole couple of decades with psychedelics and The Doors ("Break on through to the other side!") and the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. He ranges all the way from "23 skidoo!" to "Groovy!"

Here in one talk The Selfish Gene meets the Manic Meme (starting five minutes in) and you have encapsulated the latest thinking and animation of the 1930s-60s.

Oh, Dickie, you belong in a new release of Gold Diggers of 1933!

Unintelligent design! Demonstration of rapid evolution in reverse!


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