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More Calls for Reshape or End of EU

The recent local election successes of the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) have shaken everybody up, even the Labour Party. Regarding the EU Prime Minister Cameron wants to mend it rather than end it, and President Obama has given him his blessing. Cameron also is proposing a free trade zone with the U.S. and Britain, which has long made sense. But it is hard to see how that works--unless one of two things happens. 1) Britain exits the Eurozone, or 2) part of "fixing" the EU is to abandon much of the regulatory regime and to make freer trade among free market/democratic countries a stronger standard going forward. The "fix", in that case, means an end to the EU as we know it and a new free trade zone that includes Europe and North America.

The anti-EU sentiment is growing in Germany, too, including large part's of the governing coalition. So pressure for a "fix" is not just coming from the UK.

The EU was a great idea so long as it was a trade zone that harmonized markets. The regulatory and bureaucratic over-reach of Brussels has finally caught up with the project, however, and so has the practical toleration of unsustainable spending by member states like Greece.

One way or another, "re-form" seems to be coming.

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