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Added Voices Raised on "Benghazi Patsy"

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the petty crook and video-maker in Los Angeles who was made the fall guy for the Benghazi killings, was the subject of a discussion with my Discovery colleagues yesterday before I blogged "Free Nakoula". Was I going out on a limb? Not at all.

Not only has Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit been on this topic for months, but today Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, also has a fine piece on "The Benghazi Patsy" at Politico.com.

Remember, after the killings, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised the father of one of those killed that the maker of the video would be "arrested and prosecuted." Indeed, he was. And he is still in jail, though ostensibly for parole violation.

Lowry makes clear, as do I, that Nakoula is not an admirable character. His video was no work of art. But it is protected speech under the U.S. Constitution. The question is, did the phony charges made by Clinton and others lead to a de facto violation of the First Amendment by the L.A. judge?

Fall guy, patsy, scape goat. How did Nakoula wind up taking the blame for what in reality was White House and State Department mismanagement of the Benghazi crisis? Why was he given such a long (one year) sentence for a parole violation that was not even related to his original crime?

I hope you will find others taking up these questions in coming days.

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