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"Heck of a Wreck" in Higher Ed

Georgia Tech, in concert with AT&T and a company called Udacity, is offering a master's degree online in computer science for only $7,000. If you actually go to Georgia Tech's campus and get your master's, the fare is $40,000.

This is the next wave of revolution in higher education. The halls of ivy have priced themselves out of the reach of the middle class, and even the upper middle class. Giving more "scholarships" is a way for the most-endowed schools to handle sticker shock, but that usually does not meet the needs of people who just don't want to pay so much for what increasingly is irrelevant, ideologically driven schooling.

To get a Swarthmore degree, Danielle Charette, a college junior, says in a Wall Street Journal op-ed today, you may soon be required to take certain classes on race, gender, etc. The pressure for such silliness comes from student groups on that left that disrupt and silence events and speakers they don't like and apparently hold the faculty and senior management in thrall. Well, soon they can have their way. People who don't care to spend a small fortune to get propagandized--and are just too mature, frankly--will have financially agreeable options.

If you want to learn skills for making a living, get an online degree. That's where we're going. If you want the satisfactions that come from stimulating and civilized learning, join a Great Books club!

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