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Medved Stokes New Science Controversy

Discovery Sr. Fellow Stephen C. Meyer will be on the Michael Medved show tomorrow (last three quarters hour of the program--e.g., after 2:15 PDT, 5:15 p.m. EDT) explaining the changing scientific discoveries that increasingly are rendering Darwinian materialism moot and intelligent design plausible.

You can and should pre-order Darwin's Doubt here and follow the controversy on the Medved page.

In a separate development, our friend and colleague George Gilder also is preparing an important new book for publication in June, Knowledge and Power. The relevance is that both books borrow heavily from information theory, one to help provide a new theory of biology, the other a new theory of economics. I have been excited about this dual development since I started seeing drafts of both books this winter.

I promise you it's going to be an important and exciting spring in terms of changing intellectual and political understanding. While politics tanks, science is looking up, with encouraging implications for the future. Don't miss out on how and why, and don't wait.

You can email brucechapman@discovery.org

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