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Close to Boston, Canada Plot Thickens

Those who wanted to make the Boston Marathon bombing story one of a couple of Internet jihadis (or "knock-off jihadists", as Vice President Biden called them), have to deal with the al Qaida connection suspected by Canadian authorities in the case that developed a few days after the Boston bombings. There officials claim to have foiled a plot to blow up a passenger train, probably one bound for New York.

The story has been given relatively little notice in the U.S., what with the saga of the Brothers Tsarnaev. But can you imagine what the news would have been like if the Canada plot had succeeded?

Can you not see a timely connection with Boston?

The whole Boston Marathon bombing aftermath is sure to eventuate in a re-evaluation of the 9/11 Commission's findings and whether the lessons of a dozen years ago have been adequately learned and implemented.

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