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Appeasement Likely N. Korea Option

The U.S. wants to lower tensions on the Korean Peninsula by inviting North Korea back to the negotiating table.
Meanwhile, we are trying to get Chinese support to calm the North Koreans by offering to lessen our missile defense.

Margaret Thatcher is still not buried and already the West is trying "wet" defense moves to placate a wily foe and its ally. Why should the U.S. lower our missile defense shield for anyone? Why should anyone ask us to do so? These are defenses. Unless someone wants us to become vulnerable to more blackmail, that country should not want us to forego our own defense. Do we care if China or Russia have anti-missile defenses? No. That would seem to be their business.

The standard process is North Korean dealings is that that country's bluster is followed by payment of blackmail by the U.S. in return for promises that are unlikely to be honored. Meanwhile, the North Koreans add to their realistic military threat.

The United States should be doing much more in the field of anti-missile defense, not less.

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