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So, Are Ex-Cop's Killings a "Gun Problem"?

You would be hard pressed to come up with a movie script more freakish than the terrible killings that have just transpired in Los Angeles, where a former police officer has killed and attempted to kill a number of people. The memo he posted online ahead of time announces both his intention to kill people and his admiration for Piers Morgan, President Obama and.....gun control.

Gun violence overall is down, but killings make big news, so the sense people have is of a crime wave underway. But, as in Sandy Hook, Tucson, Aurora (Colorado) and elsewhere, the real problem is dangerous people who are mentally ill. Is there any doubt of that in this case? Try to explain it otherwise.

See my post of January 29. Since that post, by the way, I continue to look in vain for major media or political plain speaking on this subject.

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