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Private Sector Success, Public Sector Flop

Broadband policy has been a major issue for us for, oh, fifteen years. In case after case, we had to listen to proposals to have individual cities adopt their own broadband policies and for the feds to make it happen in the poor, benighted rural areas and Alaska tundra. These initiatives have been mostly (entirely?) wasteful flops.

Meanwhile, however, as our friend and former colleague Bret Swanson (Entropy Economics) reports in Forbes, the private sector is giving America what it wants and needs. This is different from what you hear, however. Notes Bret:

-- The U.S. has the third highest rate of "intermodal competition" -- access to both cable and DSL -- in the OECD. Only tiny Belgium and the Netherlands enjoy more access to both cable and DSL;

-- The U.S. is deploying more optical fiber than all of Europe;

-- Entry-level broadband prices in the U.S. are second lowest in the OECD; and

-- America leads the world in 4G/LTE mobile broadband.

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