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Meaning of Dorner's Killings and Death

Christopher Dorner, now presumed dead after a grisly and protracted series of attacks and a manhunt almost unprecedented in its scope, was a malignant personality.

Since he was a former police officer, one doesn't hear suggestions that his case shows the need for greater gun controls. But one also doesn't hear anyone pointing out that he likely was dangerously insane. That is something to ponder, but if someone in the major media is doing it, I can't find the reference.

Instead--after dangerously insane people killed in Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook, among other places--we continue to hear that the problem is the availability of guns.

A Federalist Society paper by Clayton Cramer (requested by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas) describes the need for reconsideration of the 1970s legislation around the country that deinstitutionalized the mentally ill.

Obviously, some good came from deinstitutionalization, and today we should be doing a better job of caring for mentally ill people in general. But much more attention--close attention--is needed especially for those who pose a danger to themselves and others. This is not a violation of human rights. It is humane common sense for the individuals involved and for society.

Yes, I know you, the reader, probably understand this. But where are the major media?

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