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If President Tells an Untruth is it an Untruth?

This is embarrassing. President Obama and his staff not only persisted in an untruth--that they had not been the source of the sequester the President now denounces as a "brutal" "meat-cleaver" approach to budgeting, but they have been called out on it. Not just by Republicans. (Who would listen to them?) But by Bob Woodward--of Watergate fame. What is to be done?

Change the subject perhaps?

How about: We did come up with the idea, but the Republicans forced us to, and, anyhow, the real sources were a couple of Republican members of Congress back in the 1980s. You want someone to blame? Blame the Republicans!

So, you see, we're consistent. Alert the media: Blame the Republicans.

Have we told you that your local fire department will not be able to put out fires if the sequester goes through? We did? Well, how about the police?

Did we mention......

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