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Happy Washington's Birthday, By the Way!

A few of us still know that this, not "President's Day", is George Washington's birthday, and that the Father of Our Country was not only a great man, but arguably the greatest. How about Lincoln? It takes nothing away from the savior of the republic that the creator of the republic gets first ranking. Lincoln most sincerely would agree. Since Aristotle it has been understood that the originator of states is even more magnificent than the rescuer of a state. If people don't acknowledge Washington enough, that is their problem. Really.

Our friend and Discovery colleague John R. Miller (former U.S. Congressman, former U.S. Ambassador-at-large on Human Trafficking) long has studied the life and career of Washington. Here is a column of John's from two years ago that remains fresh and valid. Our private good news is that the Hon. Mr. Miller has more about Washington that he will be sharing soon.

In the past--in Lincoln's time for example--when people (like Lincoln!) came close to despair about politics, they pondered the lives of the great men of history (like Washington!). In some mysterious sense, such a noble life encourages us.

Of course that's obvious. But these are times when what seems obvious needs to be stated again. A cliche ceases to be a cliche when the truth behind it is in danger of being forgotten.

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