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Berlinski on Euclid's Beautiful Discoveries

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David Berlinski's new book on Euclid is out and has received more than a rave by Robert Schaefer in The New York Journal of Books.

Concludes Schaefer, a research engineer at MIT's Haystack Observatory, "The King of Infinite Space is for anyone who cares about Euclid, geometry, the philosophy of mathematics and, most especially, for those who appreciate fine writing."

David, of course, is a Sr. Fellow of Discovery Institute and a star in our Center on Science and Culture, a polymath intellectual whose analyses range across scientific fields and, among other things, have established him as one of the most trenchant of critics of scientism in general and Darwinism in particular. His newest book further stakes Berlinski's right to be considered one of our time's most eminent exponents--and exemplars --of the Western canon.

Beauty is one of the features of nature that exists as both a concrete reality and an abstraction--pointing to design.

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