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London Mayor versus U.S. President

The day that President Obama recommitted himself to fighting climate change, with all those swell government subsidies to companies like Solyndra, happened to be the same one that London's Mayor Boris Johnson--while being very diplomatic--suggested that maybe England is going into a a mini-ice-age.

Writing in the Telegraph, Johnson the Tory mayor, said he was observing the fifth really cold winter in Britain. Snow doesn't just visit and leave, it stays, icicles form on traffic lights, "transport" is affected.

This is a debate worth having, because the media continue to represent "science" as one-sided on the issue.
Johnson, however, who supports policies to reduce CO2 emmisions and otherwise lower the pollution coming from various sources, adopts an "I'm just saying..." attitude.

But his cautious assertion of colder--not warmer climate--is based on the reports of astrophysicist Piers Corbyn who thinks that sun sports--or the relative lack of them just now--account for most of what passes for climate change. Since there is no government program yet devised that can change the incidence of sun spots, Johnson wisely asks if maybe we should be thinking of how to adjust to cooling rather than warming.

Most scientists, when asked, warn against making any climate arguments based on current weather patterns. Yet the President and the media lap up any opinion suggesting that the latest heat wave or drought is connected to broader changes. They even want to chalk up cold weather of the kind the Middle West is getting right now in the U.S. to climate change--though anyone of a certain age recalls many winters as bad as this one.

The solution to this short term dilemma is to take yourself to South Florida for a while. The water in the Atlantic Gulf Stream today was 77 degrees Fahrenheit. As I played with the waves I thought to myself, this is what Normal feels like: Great!

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"Normal" Weather

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