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Hollywood's Contribution to Violence

The post-Sandy Hook debate on gun violence has led to some bizarre politics, and a bizarre lack of interest in where in our culture violence is steeped. If St. Paul urged people to think about "whatsoever is true, whatsoever is beautiful, whatsoever is virtuous," it was with the idea of letting actions follow thought--what a concept! TV commercials tell us to buy products that will solve our personal needs--and it works, obviously. What makes critics suppose that films and TV shows that gyrate in gratuitous violence don't also work?

I recommend Discovery fellow John Wohlstetter's recent posts at Letter from the Capital blog site, especially a new one on the Tarantino film that has even some militant blacks like Spike Lee antsy.

Writes Wohlstetter in "Violence and Tinseltown", "Tarantino's paean to racialist violence is akin to pouring a lighted cultural match on societal gasoline. Hollywood has bequeathed us a trashy culture, riven with violence (and much else, outside the scope of this posting). Once upon a time we could fall back on plain common sense, but with societal & familial fragmentation comes lack of the commonality necessary for there to be a "common" sense. So we drift, and the Tarantino types craft more violent ballets, get insanely rich & scorn accountability for any impact their work may have on their audience."

And it is considered very uncool to point this out in public.

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