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Syria War Changes for "Better"

A civil war is usually regarded as the worst kind, and that is the cruel scene in Syria. It is not even clear that "our" side is one we in the West will be pleased with once it prevails. Regardless, it does seem to be progressing, as the ever-informed and insightful Michael Ledeen makes clear in a recent post. The Assad regime is being boosted by Iran, primarily, with assists from Russia and even China. Turkey and, one suspects, the Gulf States are helping the rebels, and so, in our fashion, is the US.

The loss of its Syrian ally will be bad news for Iran. It is Syria that helps prop up Iran's terrorist friends in Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Gaza (Hamas). Once freed of Assad Syria could go the way of Libya and essentially support its Western post-war benefactors, at least on a governmental basis. Or, yes, it could collapse into Muslim Brotherhood confusion, as in Egypt. But Egypt, too, is not all bad news. An inevitable economic disaster without Western aid, Egypt's new government immediately must compromise and find accommodation with republican government that respects minority rights, or it faces collapse.

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