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Christians are Most Persecuted Religious Group

Christians are disappearing from the Middle East. Bethlehem was once majority-Christian, but now has a shrinking population of Christians to welcome visitors.

How has this happened?

One way is that America's sensitivity to charges of discrimination is so great that American forces in Iraq, for example, made relatively little effort to protect the Christian minority there, even though it was under intense attack. Most of that population fled or died. There are efforts to assure protection of Christians in Syria during the civil war there. But even though leading pro-Western factions of the rebels promise to protect Christians, and some Christians are found among the rebels, the Islamist militants are intent on purifying the country of infidels. That includes minority Alawite Muslims, but also Christians--a population that goes back two thousand years.

World-wide, the most numerous persecuted religious group is Christian. Some 200 million, about ten percent--in India, Pakistan, China, etc.--are under pressure according to a watchdog organization, Civitas. This past weekend two Protestant churches were burned in Nigeria and 12 killed.

Meanwhile, the number of Western leaders speaking out on behalf of persecuted Christians is miniscule. Even conservatives tend to hold back.

One reason may be that in addition to Islamist militants the other big foe of Christianity today is intolerant secularism in the West. The West itself lacks the courage of its largest traditional faith.

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