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The Demographic Imperative

The Republicans have spent a lot of money on a failed attempt to reclaim the White House and their money sources will not be available hereafter for the vitally important job of rebuilding. Yet a dollar for rebuilding is probably worth ten in an actual campaign.

A large reason the Democratic Party is ascendant is that for over a generation liberal foundations and the federal government funded ostensibly non-partisan "community organizing" in minority communities. Who do you think paid the young Barack Obama's salary as a community organizer? Not the community.

Part of the rebuilding for Repbublicans, therefore, is reaching out to minority groups and recruiting--and electing--more minority candidates. (See previous post.) Either it is done by foundations promoting conservatism or by miraculously funded party organizations--organizations that are going to find it hard just to keep their doors open after this election.

It's simply not true, however, that Republicans can't win the votes of minorities. But they do have to find new ways to do so. In Texas and Florida the GOP manages to recruit Hispanic candidates and those candidates often win (Rubio in Florida, Ted Cruz just elected to the U.S. Senate from Texas). These candidates don't have to stop being conservative, but their conservatism has to be sensitive to minority groups and it has to be personal.

If you visit Marco Rubio's office you will find an abundance of minority staffers, including the Chief of Staff, Dr. Cesar Conda. Current office-holders can make the effort in part because they have sizable staff budgets. Local party organizations do not.

In addition to lessons from Texas and Florida, you are going to be hearing a lot soon about the Stephen Harper government in Canada. Over the past decade his newly revived Conservative Party--that was down to six seats in Parliament a few elections ago--has put in the time to promote the Conservative case to minorities, especially Indians (from India) and other Asians, many of whom are small businessmen or professionals. A large number of Conservative candidates are from minoritiy groups and a good number have been successful.

As a result, the racial and ethnic attack made against the GOP (and in which it has been somewhat complicit) is largely unworkable for the New Democrat Party opposition (and the third party Liberals) in Canada.

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