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More Discrimination in Iowa

Before it was the decision to deny tenure to astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez at Iowa State, now it is a Law School instructor at the University of Iowa. Emails in the former case showed that the real issue with Gonzalez was his off-campus support for intelligent design. His scientific publishing record eclipsed those of almost all his colleagues. But his support for ID did him in.

Gonzalez, who may be too kindly and mild-mannered for his own good, decided not to sue in 2008. But Teresa Wagner at the University of Iowa Law School, who was denied full time employment because of her conservative social issues advocacy, did sue.

This week a jury found for Wagner, but jurors foolishly decided to exempt the Law School Dean from responsibility, even though the suit was against the dean in his official capacity. Nothing probably would have happened to him personally as a result of the successful suit, but Teresa Wagner would have received justice. The jurors did state their conclusion that Wagner had been discriminated against and that the law school was at fault. As is, a mistrial was declared and justice will have to wait. It might be a good idea to explain legal culpability to the next jury.

To say that ideological discrimination is rampant in academia--including in Iowa--is almost a truism. What people don't know is that it is prevalent even in places like Iowa. They also don't know that Iowa's political establishment (including Republicans) doesn't lift a finger to defend the targets of academic political correctness.

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