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Sr. Fellow Richards on NY Times Bestseller List

by Rob Crowther

We just learned that Discovery Senior Fellow Jay Richard's book, Indivisible , co-authored with James Robison, has just hit the New York Times bestseller list at No. 5 this week. Earlier this week the Huffington Post pleasantly surprised us by publishing an excellent piece on the necessary role of faith in public life, by Richards and Robison ("Accepting the Obvious: Faith Is an Integral Part of American Public Life"). If you want to get a signed copy of Indivisible, be sure to join us March 13, 2012 for the launch of Discovery's new Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality featuring Jay Richards and George Gilder. And finally, keep up with all the related news on the new blog Indivisible Review .

UPDATE: Indivisible is number two on the Wall Street Journal list for non-fiction! Paper comes out tomorrow, but the list is available now.

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