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World Magazine Breaks the Silence Code

Everyone knows about the struggle between Darwinists and their critics--especially the intelligent design advocates. What is less well known is that there is a rift among conservatives over the issue, with libertarians tending to side with Darwinism and traditionalists tending to back ID (or even creationism). There is also a rift among Christians, especially among the numerous population of evangelicals. Many embrace criticism of Darwinism, but others are put off. They don't want to be isolated from their academic and church peers who are more liberal.

That is why the new issue of World Magazine, an orthodox evangelical news weekly edited by Marvin Olasky, is such a revelation. World's "Books of the Year" showcases in the latest issue two critiques of Darwinism in its theistic evolution (TE) guise--the position that says you logically can embrace both God and (Darwinian) evolution. The two books are Discovery Institute Press' God and Evolution: Protestants, Catholics and Jews Explore Darwin's Challenge to Faith, edited by Jay W. Richards and Should Christians Embrace Evolution?, by Norman Nevin, a British medical geneticist.

There are a couple of fascinating things about this prominent magazine notice: 1) World, by highlighting these books, rescues them from the shunning accorded critics of Darwinism by the mainstream press, including the religious mainstream press. 2) It asks Christians finally to take account of TE's heterodox religious views. 3) It examines for the first time the influence of the billion dollar Templeton Foundation, which has been wielded explicitly to promote "research academics who are critical of the anti-evolution intelligent design position."

As for the "Best Books" pick of World, I especially recommend God and Evolution for anyone who thinks he already knows what this whole debate is about. Reading about Protestant, Catholic and Jewish efforts to make Darwinism compatible with faith will reveal a great deal the reader did not know, I promise.

The significance of the World award is further highlighted on Evolution News in a recent post.

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