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The Issue is Medical, Not Just Moral

The Wall Street Journal is just one of the news media that don't care to examine the embryonic stem cell issue closely. Notice this treatment today of the news that an appellate court has given at least a partial victory to the embryonic stem cell researchers, led by Dr. Francis Collins.

"Supporters of the research say the stem cells, which can develop into any type of body tissue, could help treat ailments from diabetes to heart disease.

"Opponents question the morality of using cells derived from embryos in a process that destroys them, saying that amounts to taking a human life."

Actually, as one of the lead plaintiffs in the case, Dr. Theresa Deisher, repeatedly points out, embryonic stem cell research, after huge sums of money and much time, has not proved successful. Embryonic stem cell treatments often cause tumors. In contrast, adult stem cells (Dr. Deisher's field) are showing very good therapeutic results.

So, the Alice in Wonderland public policy position of the establishment is: Many people regard embryonic stem cell treatments as immoral, but we should pursue them anyhow because they are not successful, while adult stem cells are.

Another point. You hear what Dr. Francis Collins says reported on the matter, and I expect that his views also will be carried in the Seattle press, as well as everywhere else. I wonder how many will carry the views of lead plaintiff Dr. Deisher--including in Seattle, where she lives and has her lab.

(Discovery senior fellow Wesley J. Smith describes the appellate court ruling and where the case heads now.)

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