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Pouting Senators Can't Find Their Way Home

The AP reports first that the 14 Democratic State Senators who are playing hooky in Illinois to avoid a vote back in Madison--and thereby are depriving the majority Republicans of a three-fifths quorum needed to conduct business on fiscal issues--wanted Governor Scott Walker to meet with them at the state line and negotiate. He rejected the offer as ridiculous. He's right.

People will have various opinions about collective bargaining for state workers. But the underlying constitutional issue should be given priority: Is it proper for a party that lost an election to use the trick of denying a quorum day after day once a legislative body meets? I say it's completely undemocratic and a challenge to constitutional government. Neither party has the ethical standing to stop the constitutional process of government decision-making. It's appalling that this precedent doesn't seem to disturb more Americans of all political stripes. (That there is a similar case in Indiana only shows that bad political tactics are contagious.)

In fact, the Wisconsin case is going to be a classic. If the Democratic senators are successful the tactic of truancy will come back repeatedly in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Voters will start asking candidates: If you are elected, and yet your party doesn't have a majority, how do we know you won't just leave the state?

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Finally!!! Someone in the media is asking the 'politically correct' question.... pun intended.

The 14 Wisconsin Democratic Senators are a DISGRACE to the Democratic Process and are acting like corrupt, spoiled brats and are no doubt being 'bullied' by Union thugs to 'protect' them.

Every one of them should be recalled. The Republicans won the election last November and like it or not, are the majority in both the state senate and house. DEAL WITH IT.... within the confines of the political system.

Right or wrong in anyone's eyes, there actions signify disdain for authority, duty and responsibility.

They are a DISGRACE, plain and simple.

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