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Possible Departure Deal for Gaddafi is Closer

Speculation here (March 23 and 25) about an exile outcome for Gaddafi is in print at The Guardian (UK). African sites are under discussion by NATO diplomats. No country, but surely Zimbabwe is under consideration. It's almost as much a pariah state as Libya and Mr. Mugabe is unlikely to expatriate the Libyan dictator if someone sues him in international courts. That makes a gilder sanctuary potentially more attractive to Gaddafi and his immediate retinue. Zimbabwe also has beautiful scenery and modern conveniences, if you have lots of money.

The benefit of an exit deal for the Libyan people, of course, is the saving of lives that will be lost removing Gaddafi if he doesn't go voluntarily. Italy and France would benefit from a deal by re-opening the oil spigot and stopping the new flow of refugees from Libya. The U.S. would benefit by chalking up a foreign policy success and moving on.

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When the dictator is moved from one country to another he will still remain a dictator. This clearly is not the best solution. He should be held responsible for the atrocities committed in Libya.

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