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Half Baked War

"Many choices: You pick the worst," says the old fortune cookie. That would aptly describe the U.S. role in the Libya war. If America has a clear policy, the Administration (a good portion of whose members are in South America) is keeping it a secret. We are for getting rid of Gaddafi as a "political" objective of our policy, but not as a "military" objective. Got that?

The Arab League also suffers confusion, having briefly decided that actually attacking Gaddafi was not what they had in mind--only stopping him from attacking "civilians". They now have decided to step back from micro-managing and are in full support again.

Meantime, however, the U.S. generals say they do not want to destroy the forces facing the rebels, merely to restrain them. That means a protracted conflict, the very opposite of the "days, not weeks" that President Obama said he was prepared to support.

But weeks, then months soon will pass if we fail to put Gaddafi & Co. out of business. Our position will grow more tenuous with the passage of time. Al Qaeda and the Iranians will find a way to get involved. What better way to pull the beard of Uncle Sam?

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If we bombed every dictator that mistreats his/her people, our defense industry would be booming. Let's see, we have at least five countries in the Americas that qualify; a dozen in Africa; China would be on the list. So, nope. It ain't about helping those poor mistreated Libyans who will likely be fighting us in a couple of years.

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