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Persecution of Christians Worsening Worldwide

The media in America, including some of the supposed conservative right, are ignoring the persecution of Christians that is emerging more and more in Muslim lands. Moderate Muslims seem intimidated, often for good reason. Worse, Western media that should be covering these crimes and connecting the dots--from Indonesia now, to Pakistan, to Iran, to Iraq, to Egypt, to Morocco. There are few Christians left in the West Bank and almost none in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

A few comprehensive articles on the problem are appearing by experts such as Clifford May of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and Paul Marshall of Hudson Institute. But broad circulation papers and broadcast media seem indifferent or unimpressed. They were practically hysterical in efforts to connect dots that didn't exist in the case of the recent Arizona killings (and some continue on the theme even after the president has conceded there is no relevance). It also doesn't seem to stop the scapegoating and score-settling when fellow liberals criticize the smears. But they just can't see any pattern in the religious cleansing--beatings, burnings and killings--of Christians in Muslim dominated lands. They'd rather not hear about it. They certainly don't see any reasons for a coordinated Western response.

I submit that one reason for the diffidence of the left on religious liberty issues overseas is that so many in the Western media--and in academia and government agencies and private foundations--are disposed against the influence of Christianity and Christians in the West. As a result, they have a hard time identifying with persecuted Christians elsewhere. It's just not an issue they are willing to notice.

Show me wrong.

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