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Grand Mufti Assails Terror "Outrage" in Egypt

The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Gomaa, has denounced the terror bombings of Christian churches in Egypt, especially the New Year's attack in Alexandria. This normally might not be news, except that such high level support for anti-terrorism policy is necessary and welcome in Muslim lands. Unfortunately, it is all too rare, or is provided in too oblique a fashion--and, even then, not reported well in local and international media. The exploitation of "anti-blasphemy" laws in Pakistan, for example, is so accepted by the public there that the government dares not repeal the laws or provide reliable court interpretation to prevent capricious arrests.

Christians are under increasing private pressure and public persecution in most Muslim lands, including formerly tolerant lands like Morocco. Nowhere, except possibly Indonesia, are they safe both to practice their religion and free to open churches. This really is the scandal of modern Islam and demands action from within the Islamic community.

Meanwhile, with all the arrests in Europe and the US recently, anti-terror proclamations and news articles might seem to be called for. It would help if there was half as much attention given to combatting terrorism as there has been to supposed civil liberties violations at Guantanamo. Is one reason that Western elites are so reluctant to challenge persecution of Christians the reality that the guiding secularism of the West is itself ambivalent towards Christianity and seeks ever increased infringements on religion?

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insightful article. I was wondering if you could claify the final paragraph ?

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