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Physicist Spitzer Chides Hawking

On the Larry King show last week--stuck between the host's overly deferential treatment of Stephen J. Hawking, the windy interjections of Hawking co-author Leonard Mlodinow and the smiling ruminations of Deepak Chopra--Fr. Robert Spitzer barely had a chance to clear his throat. Always introduced as a Jesuit, never as the physicist and former college president (Gonzaga) that he also is, Fr. Spitzer was lucky to get in a few comments about the way the Church thinks about the origins of the universe.

No mention was made by Larry King of Fr. Spitzer's new book, Evidence for God, that addresses cosmology directly. (See also a recent article on the program Fr. Spitzer, with Dr. Bruce Gordon, held at Discovery Institute.)

It is interesting that many media outlets and scientists that claim to have understood intelligent design and support it in cosmology, but not in biology, have not bothered to take Hawking on or to notice Spitzer's work. How serious, therefore, are their professions of support for ID even in cosmology?

Fr. Spitzer has a good YouTube commentary up on Hawking's The Grand Design. The Magis Center he heads is a great place to learn more of his views, and i also would send you to our own privilegedplanet.com for the views of Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards.

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