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Gilder Laughs at Kessler Robots

grumby cover 170.jpg

(Note: Andy Kessler, hedge fund billionaire, meteoric success in Silicon Valley and at AT&T Bell Labs and author of four non-fiction books, has a novel out now: Grumby, a tale of the future of robotic intelligence. Gilder just read it.)

by George Gilder

Steve Jobs recoils in panic, pushing madly forth
his inferior pods and paddles, ipups and ap-kits, Quicktunes and
iTimes, before giving in to his disgrumbyment.

Mark Zuckerburg wanders forlorn and friendless on Facebook, before finally
matriculating at Harvard's new Grumby school of transgendered robotics.

Meg Whitman lifts weights and flees to the muscle bound beaches and
bureaucracies of California politics, now entirely virtualized by Grumby.

Bob Metcalfe propounds an ethereal power law of Grumbynets.

Eric Schmidt gives in to Grumby's inevitable "hollowing out" of Google and
retreats to a solar paneled virtual world without CO2.

Bill Gates zunes out and merges his x-boxes and OSes with his other

Ray Kurzweil revs up all his curves and hails the new Kesslerian

Jeff Bezos gasps at a new kindled amazon of litry laughs and lambencies.
All bow humbly before the coming of Grumby.

Microcosm and telecosm converge in a vivacious and incandescent vamp of
literature and futurism.


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I can't help but notice that while the reasoning is different, Schmidt will be serving the same role that Jobs will be serving during his absence.

Both Microsoft and Google are evil. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. Neither deserve recognition, support or to be spat upon. Privacy is about freedom and choice, not necessarily "hiding things". And what is so bad about practicing privacy? I believe that people should maintain privacy to a certain degree. These corporations don't need to know everything about you. [Personal] "Information" is a hot commodity seller. Information = profits. Money is the "god" of planet earth. Money is the root of evil. As the old saying goes, a fool and his money soon part.

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