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As Predicted: a "Scandal" About U.S. Lawmakers' Expenses

I predicted here a while back that the zesty British scandal about the abuse of personnel spending allowances for second homes for members of Parliament would be picked up as a theme tailored for American audiences. That now happens (and with direct references to our English cousins) on the front page of The Wall Street Journal today.

It's pretty thin, I think. The fancy camera of the Ohio Congressman is probably used by the office to photograph him with constituents and to prepare photos for the newsletter sent out to the district--something all members do. The Lexus story and some others raise eyebrows, perhaps.

If this is the best the media can come up with, we're a pretty honest bunch in the U.S. Not even one charge for cleaning a moat or renting porno movies! But I doubt that we have heard the last of the search effort.

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